The Beagle - Friendly, Loyal, And Loving


 SMALL TO MEDIUM-SIZED DOG, THE BEAGLE WEIGHS BETWEEN 20-28 LBS AND IS 12" TO 16" IN HEIGHT. Sometimes referred to as the English Beagle, this breed is energetic, friendly, and loyal both as a family companion and hunting dog.

Coat colors accepted by the AKC are orange and white, lemon and white, red and white, or tri-colored. Black, white, and tan tri-colored coats are the most common. Their medium-length coat is smooth, hard, and close. It requires minimal brushing and only needs to be washed occasionally.

Characteristic Traits of Beagles

Friendly, loyal, loving, and playful are all qualities that make them excellent family pets. Homes with other dogs, pets, and children can all welcome the Beagle as part of the family. They require minimal socialization and actually enjoy the companionship of other pets and their family.

A very energetic breed, the beagle needs a home that will give them plenty of playtimes, exercise, and regular walks. When outside they should be in a fenced-in yard and a leash should be used for walks as they have a tendency to explore and follow scents.

Beagles as Watchdogs

They make good watchdogs as they will let you know if someone is at the door by barking, but they are naturally friendly with strangers, so don't expect them to be good guard dogs.

Beagles as Hunting and Companion Dogs

Originating in England, this scent hound was bred for hunting rabbits and quails. They would often hunt in packs or pairs, but can also hunt well alone as well. They have an excellent sense of smell which makes them good at tracking and as narcotics dogs. Today they are mainly seen as companion dogs in the United States, but they are also used as hunting dogs.

Ideal Family Dog

A breed with such a friendly, loving nature is perfect for just about any family dynamic. Because of their high energy level and need for regular exercise, they work best with active families or those that have a yard where they can have plenty of time to roam and run. If you are looking for an affectionate breed that enjoys family companionship and loves to play, then the Beagle is the perfect dog for you.

Top 10 Reasons to Get a Beagle

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